Accelerator for Cancer Therapeutics

TMC ACT is the only cancer therapeutics accelerator building relationships with health care professionals leading the world’s best cancer treatment programs at the Texas Medical Center member hospitals.

The ACT program is a CPRIT funded accelerator launched in collaboration with the Gulf Coast Consortium (GCC) and the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) to support Texas-based biotech entrepreneurs, researchers contemplating translations, and internal comprehensive drug development programs.

ACT is a comprehensive nine-month program designed to enhance oncology biotech entrepreneurship training and drug development programs in Texas. ACT will simultaneously provide Texas researchers and startup companies with integrated training, resources, and mentoring in order to help advance innovative cancer therapy discoveries and development programs, ultimately leading to new approaches and therapies for cancer patients.



TMC ACT aims to support Texas based cancer therapeutic company growth, increasing the overall success rate while decreasing the development time. ACT participants will gain insight into every facet of managing a cancer therapeutics company. During the 9-month program, participants will gain a deep understanding of market research, FDA regulations, intellectual property, licensing, finance, fundraising, legal, and other critical areas that will propel your business for long term success. Program participants will develop and incorporate an integrated strategic plan that guides their company’s business and drug development efforts. ACT culminates with at least one grant submission, and an option to pitch to investors, corporate partners, media, and other influential guests.

Key Program Resources

Access to TMC’s exclusive mentor and advisor network

  • Therapeutic and business development experts
  • Cancer therapeutic key opinion leaders
  • Corporate and product development resources
  • Gulf Coast Consortia Training and Resources

Institutional knowledge

  • Plug into detailed development framework
  • Founders focus on unique project challenges

Resource access

Program Information

The ACT team supports individuals working on cancer therapeutics. Sign up below for ACT office hours for assistance now and learn more about the accelerator and computational chemistry resources.


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