TMC Biodesign fellows come from all backgrounds (engineering, software development, medicine, business, design, research) and work together in interdisciplinary teams to observe and identify unmet needs to then create products which solve them. From the start, team members are immersed in the clinical experience, uncovering, analyzing and prioritizing needs before exploring and implementing potential solutions. There are two tracks per year: medical device and digital health. Each track is paired with a highly tailored curriculum and mentorship to both teams as they develop solutions.


Katelin Cherry

Tatiana Fofanova, PhD

Desh Mohan, MD

Tim Keane, PhD

Stephen Ramon

Alex Smith, PhD


Benjamin Legum

Matthew Nojoomi

Kovi Bessoff, MD, PhD

Shadi Shariatnia, PhD

Kareem Barghouti, MBA

Joowon Kim

Daniel Wu, MBA

Peter McCaffrey, MD