Kimberly Corbitt


TxEDO Healthcare


TxEDO gives doctors disease state-specific treatment information and resources integrated into their workflow, improving patient experience and outcomes.

TxEDO partners with health care systems to revolutionize the way doctors curate and deliver treatment information and resources. With TxEDO integrated into the clinicians EHR, we can learn what kinds of resources they need, and also what patients want. This data will prompt the creation of more meaningful support resources and education.

We change the way doctors receive, curate and deliver treatment education and resources, improving the patient experience. The platform digitally consolidates all treatment information available for a specific disease state, and merges this data with a patient’s individual formulary and benefits/co-pay information, while the patient is in-office, engaging the patient in their treatment. TxEDO analytics learn what resources and education correlates with desired outcomes, inspiring the development of more effective tools.