Stuart Ward


Ward Medication Management


Ward Medication Management is the largest clinical pharmacy service company in Australia, and we are experts in medication analysis.

Our goal is to eliminate medication related issues by being future thinkers and driving industry collaboration. At the heart of WardMM is delivery of evidence-based, decision support service to health professionals and helping their patients avoid medication related harm.

Our system and processes loop collections of population health data and medication information with the patient’s unique blend of biological characteristics and medical history. We then analyze the information through our sophisticated quality of life scale foundation engine.

The output is then clinically challenged based on evidence-based outcomes, reported and tracked. The clinical observations and analyses are added back into the loop, thus delivering a constant improvement cycle for precision medication analysis in a real time environment.

“We are in TMCx to validate, refine our system design and formulate a go-to market strategy in the USA with the hope of creating a global footprint for our company,” said Stuart Ward, CEO.