April Lovelady


Voyager Biomedical


Voyager Biomedical, based in College Station, Texas, is creating a better solution for vascular access in dialysis patients.

Dialysis requires access to veins hundreds of times per year. Their product, ARK, is a “One Stick, No Miss” solution to better vascular access. The ARK has been designed to assist with locating veins, while preventing excess needle punctures and ensuring that needle is on target every time.  As seen in this video, the titanium implant encases the vein, serving as an exoskeleton that reinforces the strength of the vein, improves patient comfort, and eliminates many of the common complications associated with vascular access.

“TMCx has developed an excellent curriculum that is helping us here at Voyager to clearly identify and resolve commercialization barriers. Each presentation is relevant to the medical device space and seemingly more valuable than the one before it. Through its curriculum and connections, TMCx is setting Voyager up to become the next medical device success story!”