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Werner Vorster




Vitls is developing an innovative way to enable earlier detection of deterioration in hospital patients, in order to reduce length of stay and treatment cost. Seventy-five percent of all adverse events and preventable deaths in hospitals occur outside the ICU in unmonitored beds. (

Its flagship product, Tego VSS, is a flexible, waterproof, unobtrusive and noninvasive wearable (imagine an incredibly clever band-aid) that monitors body temperature, heart rate, R-R interval, respiration rate, blood oxygen levels (SpO2), sleep and movement (including fall detection). This revolutionary platform enables nurses and physicians to continuously and remotely monitor each patient’s vital signs, reliably and undisturbed. Real-time monitoring also leads to reduced ICU readmissions and an improvement in patient outcomes and satisfaction scores.

“We are proud to be based at, and working together with the largest Medical Centre in the world to make a positive impact on healthcare.” said Werner Vorster, CEO.