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Vios Medical


Global challenges of managing more patients with fewer high cost clinician resources creates an immediate opportunity to leverage data and information technology to create efficiencies and cost savings in delivering care.

As a result, new care delivery models will emerge and enable lower cost delivery in the U.S. health care market. Minnesota- and India-based Vios Medical has created a FDA-cleared patient management platform that uses IoT-based sensors, remote patient-care services and big data analytics. The vision for the solution is to automate the oversight, analysis, and management of patient events across various hospital and home environments, thereby increasing clinician productivity, operational efficiency and patient safety.

“TMCx provides a breath of healthcare expertise to collaborate, determine product-market fit, and derive anticipated benefits,” said Amit Patel, CEO. “Value-based innovation is an integral part of our vision and enables us to create impactful and meaningful health care delivery models that focus on alleviating cost and resource constraints. Vios Medical is looking forward to working with TMCx and its stakeholders over the coming months.”