Katherine Chambers


The Right Place


Founded in 2013 by Katherine Chambers and geriatrician Alan Abrams, M.D., M.P.H., The Right Place is a care coordination platform that helps facilitate the discharge process for patients who transition from hospital to post-acute care. The company bridges the communication gap between hospitals and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) by quickly and efficientlymatchingpatients with SNFs based on capabilities and availability of beds, a platform Chambers likens to popular websites that help users find and manage reservations.

“Think Open Table meets Travelocity for patient placement,” she said. “With the current system of finding an appropriate place of post-acute care for a patient, there are over 34 touch points for the hospital discharge planner.  The Right Place dramatically shortens the time spent on patient placement and also provides key metrics so that the hospital administrator can accurately measure SNF capabilities and history.”

Hospital administrators can access The Right Place’s web-based search engine to quickly locate and schedulethe best SNF options for patients, while SNF administrators can more efficiently accept new patient referrals and conduct instant patient Medicare and ACO eligibility checksin one centralized location, ultimately streamlining the process to eliminate hassle and stress.

“Each day the patient stays in the hospital puts the patient at risk of lengthening the road to recovery,” Chambers said. “After completing extensive field research, Dr. Abrams and I realized there was no technology solution to effectively support the process for discharging patients, which oftentimes leads to an inefficient and biased process.”

Chambers added that the implementation of the 2012 Hospital Readmission Reductions Program led hospitals to focus more on lowering readmission rates, but they lack the analytics and metrics to accurately understand why patients return.With The Right Place platform, stakeholders can track and monitor data inreal-time to help address readmissions and deliver the best patient care possible.

As a Houston-based team, Chambers said participating in the Texas Medical Center’s TMCx Innovation Program and leveraging the resources available through it would help The Right Place achieve its goal to impact the Houston health care market, care teams and patients in the team’s hometown.

“We wanted to participate in TMCx so that we could collaborate with the other start-up companies, hone our go-to-market strategy, receive introductions to hospital and SNF partners in Houston and garner invaluable advice from the many talented advisors,” Chambers said. “We have already gained so much through the program, including connections with potential clients provided by our advisors, increased knowledge of the TMC hospitals and their inner-workings and recognition in the media that we would not have had otherwise.”

As Chambers and her team continue to grow, they plan to use the feedback from TMCx advisors and mentors tobetter position themselves in the Houston health care community and eventually expand to include care coordination support for hospices, home health facilities and mental health clinics.