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Valentino Megale


Softcare Studios (with project TOMMI)


Softcare Studios is a digital health startup using VR and AI to improve patients therapy experience and therapy efficiency.
Its first project, TOMMI, is a virtual reality experience dedicated to hospitalized children, designed in collaboration with doctors and psychologists to provide stress, anxiety and pain relief during therapy. It is provided to pediatric patients as a game, involving also their parents through collaborative gaming sessions and its final goal is to improve patients therapy adherence and speed up the hospital operations helping doctors in patients management.
The game is based on virtual reality to increase the engagement and distraction from negative emotions during hospitalization, while providing a unique opporunity to personalize the digital content to patients needs and conditions.
TOMMI uses also proprietary machine learning algorithms to measure patients therapy-related parameters in order to provide objective metrics of its outcome, useful to dynamically adapt the game to every patient and to improve children tracking by the medical staff during the treatment.