Adam Odessky




Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Adam Odessky and clinical psychologistIvana Schnur, M.D., Ph.D., provides a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) platform that deliverspersonalized care plansthrough a virtual concierge. The concierge–in the form of a nurse avatar named Molly–is designed to help clinicians better manage their patients’ clinical follow-ups and coordinate care across different institutions. Including,assistingadministrators with resolving insurance, billing and payment issues that often arise in the hospital setting.With its uniquely designed interface that is programmed to deliver smart and empathetic responses, the virtual concierge is also capable of providing patients with convenient, accessible healthcare and fitness advice at the touch of a button.“Managing people with long-term care issues is one of the single largest problems facing healthcare in the Unites States,” says Odessky. “The cost of chronic disease care places a disproportionately intensive burden on doctors, insurance companies and healthcare budgets . Monitoring patient health ubiquitously is difficult, believes artificially intelligent systems that continuously learn are integral to providing a solution.”

In the United States, chronic care accounts for 50 percent of the entire healthcare spend. The current system can no longer scale at a rate necessary to manage the daily influx of additional insureds now covered through the Affordable Care Act, especially the standards for staff to patient interactions.

At, providing individuals with the appropriate care is a core value that drives the mission.

“ was created with the vision of a highly functioning, connected healthcare system, where both patients and providers are active participants,” says Odessky.“The unique user interface was purposely built for deep patient engagement. It combines a virtual concierge with speech recognition, face recognition, medical device integration, and electronic medical record connections. makes patient engagement simple, intuitive, and motivational.”

Since its inception, has already garnered national media attentionappearing in publicationssuch as the Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail and MIT Technology Review. The company has also beenawarded the titles of the American Heart Association’s Judges Choice Winner in November 2014, the IBM Watson Developer ChallengeFinalist in September 2014 andthe Novartis mHealth Challenge Winner in 2013.

Although has successfully gained nationwide recognition, raised a substantial amount of funding and globally expanded the app to include 27 different languages, Odessky continues to welcome and embrace new challenges as a part of the company’s growth.

“Challenges are a day to day thing at our startup,” he says.“Every day we all make critical decisions that impact our growth potential, acceleration of that growth, the kind of culture we want to have as a company, and the kind of people we want to work with.  The key is to stay positive and gain broad consensus but keep moving fast. Speed is one of the main advantages of a startup.”

To sparkgrowth the teamdecided to become a part of the Texas Medical Center’s TMCx Innovation Program. With the wealth of resources available through the program, Odessky said he hopes to collaborate with this year’s cohort and to tap into the various members within the TMC umbrella to better understand their structures, pain points, technology usage and goals to help him better align products and market strategies.

“The Texas Medical Center is unlike anything else in the medical community,” says Odessky. “It represents broad swaths of U.S. health care system types including single payer, fee for service, and specialty centers covering almost every type of patient in a comprehensive way.  It’s an excellent learning experience and also a customer collaboration practice, which provides validation of our idea and product so that we can further commercialize.”