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Adrianna Cantu




Revealix is developing an innovative imaging software service enabling point-of-care screening and early discovery of vascular and diabetic limb complications.
Nearly 1 in 4 diabetics will experience a foot wound in their lifetime. In many instances individuals will be asymptomatic, not recognizing symptoms of poor circulation to the limb nor feel injury to the foot. Direct costs for diabetic limb complications in the US are approaching $60 billion per year. Approximately 20 percent of hospital admissions in people with diabetes are due to foot ulcers.
The solution is designed so that preventative care can be delivered at all routine  healthcare encounters. This means early detection in a true digital health model: It’s SaaS – which keeps it inexpensive and scalable. It’s mobile, so it’s simple and portable. And, it’s smart, leveraging CV and ML algorithms.

Revealix is making diabetic limb screening simple, and prevention possible.