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Replete Biotics delivers the standardization needed, for the expansive field of microbiome based intervention, to reach its full potential. Our flagship device, the Replete G, offers efficient and effective fecal microbiome collection and processing.
For investigators of the association between the microbiome and health, who rely on process standardization and data reproducibility, the Replete G is a patented, disposable device that allows for consistent, hygienic and scalable sample processing. Unlike alternatives that compromise data integrity via sub-sampling, contamination risks and oxygen exposure, the Replete G protects microbial community integrity, improves research quality and opens new avenues for microbiome investigation.
Replete Biotics was founded in Houston, Texas with a focus on innovating novel microbiome focused collection and delivery devices. It was a participant in the White House National Microbiome Initiative, is a resident Company of JLABS @ TMC and is looking for strategic partnerships to expedite speed to market.