Personify Care

Ken Saman

CEO and Co-founder

Personify Care


Personify Care is a mobile platform that allows hospitals and specialist clinics to prevent post-discharge readmissions by detecting early warning signs of complications. The platform uses patient behavior data to deliver patient response rates of over 90 percent to a clinician’s existing evidence-based clinical protocols.

Personify Care has been rolled out across all surgical specialties in Australian hospitals and has been shown to allow clinical teams to monitor patient recovery eight times as often without increasing nurse workload. As result, patient experience is going up and clinicians are intervening early before the severity and cost of issues escalate.

“Our plan was to launch our platform in the U.S. in 2017, so the opportunity to work with the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute provided the ideal opportunity for us to accelerate that process and work with some of the leading hospitals and clinicians in the country,” said Ken Saman, CEO.