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Multisensor Diagnostics


Multisensor Diagnostics (MDx) is a diversified health and wellness management company enabled by an innovative device and supported by proprietary software. Our rapid medical assessment (RMA) device, MouthLab, rapidly and non-invasively measures respiratory-rate and pattern, pulse-rate, electrocardiogram, SpO2, temperature, blood pressure and lung functions in less than a minute. Our software supports seamless connectivity with providers, payers, patients, and caregivers, and unifies all aspects of patients’ health in a single place.
The combination of MouthLab and AI-powered triaging system act as a powerful, convenient, cost-effective solution that improves care monitoring, increases adherence, avoids readmissions, detects early signs of clinical deterioration and ultimately empowers consumers to make intelligent decisions about their health.
For payers and providers who are managing the high-cost, high-acuity chronic patients with multiple co-morbidities, MDx offers an end-to-end solution that amplifies existing chronic care management models by enabling pro-active monitoring and management of chronic conditions to avoid costs, improve data accuracy and accessibility, and thus, enable providers to improve care delivery and health outcomes.
“The current ability of MouthLab to measure vital health parameters are only the beginning,” said Sathya Elumalai, CEO. “With unrestricted access to biochemical and biophysical markers in the saliva, breath and mucous membranes, MouthLab is positioned to transform the culture of care monitoring by enabling early detection of precursors for an array of metabolic, respiratory and other chronic disorders.”