Nate Pagel




San Francisco and Houston-based Medifies has an innovative software platform for health providers that lets them to deliver provider-to-caregiver/family notifications in order to:

— Save clinical staff time and reduce miscommunication and malpractice.

— Medifies is operated by non-clinical staff and displays no PHI or PII. No more phone calls and the family indicates when they are back in the waiting room!

— Alleviate anxiety and improve caregiver and patient experience and patient satisfaction scores. (Family often fills out the HCAHPS surveys.)


“My co-founder, a heart surgeon and Sutter chief of surgery, went to Baylor College of Medicine and I went to Rice University,” said Nate Pagel, CEO. “While founded in the Bay Area, we’re excited to be back in Houston at TMCx to have an ‘innovation springboard’ into the Texas Medical Center to open our Texas office, learn from the amazing institutions here and give back to the Houston community.”