Maryam Ziaei


ISono Health


iSono Health brings automated ultrasound with artificial intelligence and cloud computation to empower women and their physicians with accurate and accessible breast health monitoring for early detection of breast cancer.

Our patented compact ultrasound scanner automatically captures 3D images of whole breast volume in two minutes. The scanner attaches to a positioning accessory for accurate and repeatable imaging. Our innovative system architecture allows for lower cost transducer array and electronics. The device connects to a smartphone/tablet and is controlled by a mobile app. The data is transferred to a secure cloud for image processing and storage. Our machine-learning algorithm uses acoustic biomarkers to identify abnormal masses to assist physicians with diagnosis.

Our platform’s automated operation and software expands ultrasound use in point-of-care diagnostics as well as monitoring of breast health at outpatient, mobile clinics, and eventually at home for self-screening. We’ve developed fully functional ultrasound system and scanned 100 women in a pilot study. We have also demonstrated MVP of machine learning algorithm that has been trained with 10k+ images. We expect FDA 510(K) clearance in Q2 2018 followed by launch in breast cancer clinics.

iSono Health was founded in 2015 in San Francisco by Maryam Ziaei and Shadi Saberi, two electrical engineers with Ph.D.s from Stanford and Carnegie Mellon, and long-time friends who came together with a mutual passion for personalized and proactive health monitoring. We have a rock star team of engineers and data scientists. We are excited to be part of the TMCx community to collaborate with the leading visionary clinicians at the largest medical center in the world.