David Bergman, M.D.




Co-founded in 2008 by Southern California-based anesthesiologist David Bergman, D.O., ePreop helps optimize perioperative care with its two software suites, SurgicalValet and AnesthesiaValet, to provide technological support for patient engagement, billing and preventative readmission.

ePreop’s cloud-based platform can be accessed by anesthesiologists and nurses to track patient readiness and complete evaluation documentation via PC, iPad and other mobile devices. The software makes surgical optimization a more simple, efficient and streamlined process that minimizes delay and hassle.

As a seasoned anesthesiologist at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, California, Bergman witnessed first-hand a lack of coordination around perioperative care that ultimately served as the catalyst for creating a company that would address common problems with the process, including unnecessary tests, poor staffing utilization, difficulty accessing important data and engaging patients that were not prepared for surgery. In addition, Bergman said that clinical histories were not being utilized and patients were rarely optimized for their procedures despite the electronic health records and data available. The inefficiencies and poor quality of perioperative care led him and his team of board-certified physicians to delve into the world of software entrepreneurship to help improve the surgical experience for patients and providers.

“We intend to change the way patients are prepared for surgery. Through our preoperative readiness features and ability to track compliance throughout the entire surgical encounter, we provide visibility into an area that is typically not transparent,” he said.

Bergman and his 22-person team have significantly grown and scaled the company over the past eight years. The team’s commitment to developing a quality, easy-to-use product and years of data mapping came to fruition by integrating the ePreop technology with most of the major EHRs on the market. Although the company has garnered real success over time, Bergman said he faced challenges common with other health care startup experiences.

“How do we build out the team? How do we stay funded? How do we handle healthcare regulatory and legal requirements? These are just to name a few,” he said. “[But] we were fortunate enough to get some committed clients over the years and obtain funding around a year and a half ago. Since that time, we have experienced great growth while maturing as a company.”

As Bergman and his team continue to move towards the future and establish themselves as a strong contender in the health care IT world, they now look to Houston’s “Third Coast” for more opportunities for growth. With Houston emerging as the leading hub for biotechnology and innovation in the world, participating in the 2016 TMCx Innovation Program was a natural move for the ePreop team.

“We liked the TMCx team and it was an incredible opportunity to establish ourselves in the Houston healthcare community. There is really no other place like it in the world and we made a decision to commit ourselves in order to be part of the community,” Bergman said. “We are meeting incredible people on a daily basis. ePreop’s employees are passionate around our solution and I see the same drive in a number of the other TMCx companies. What’s more impressive is the same innovative spirit exists within so many of the TMC facilities.”