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ECMO is a technology that provides cardiovascular and respiratory support to very sick patients in a host of different situations and settings. Post cardiac surgery, respiratory intensive care, premature babies, first responders, drownings, toxic fumes inhalation, elderly flu patients, COPD patients, bridge to transplants and many more.

For a lot of those patients ECMO is a life-saver; simply put, they would not be alive if it wasn’t for ECMO. But ECMO in its current form has some serious limitations, the biggest of which are: the fact that it’s not easily transportable and manageable, the necessity to use massive doses of blood thinners which carry serious side effects and the cost of the personnel monitoring ECMO patients 24/7.

Elsius addressed those needs by developing a compact, easily deployable, transportable device with a biocompatible coating that reduces significantly the need for systemic blood thinners. This will result in more lives saved, less time patients spend under ECMO and ultimately less cost for health care.

To achieve that, Elsius has assembled a team of extremely experienced people both in the cardiovascular devices and the startup sectors and had the technology validated by being able to raise significant money from government and private investors. Elsius represents the future of ECMO and we are extremely glad to be at TMCx since we believe this is the best place to make this future a reality, today.