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Poor communication between health care professionals is inefficient, expensive and dangerous.  Studies indicate that as much as 80 percent of the $400 billion wasted annually on medical errors is directly attributable to poor communication during care transitions.

Most importantly, medical errors today are listed as the third leading cause of death in the U.S. To address these glaring inefficiencies, Woven Health, formerly ConsultLink, a Houston-based company, aims to transform patient care through the use of its mobile technology solution that facilitates communication and collaboration between health care professional teams.

Woven Health’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to integrate all members of the patient care team (doctors, nurses, therapists) within a modular-functionality enterprise platform. This unique combination addresses communication and collaboration “pain points” across the patient care spectrum. In a specific example, Woven Health effectively manages patient handoffs (care transitions at the end of a shift) by providing:

—patient data populated from the electronic medical record;

—task management viewable by all care team members;

—rapid connection with care team members via voice, text, or video conference; and

—accountability by tracking who is responsible for a patient at any point in time.

Woven Health validated its product at Baylor College of Medicine through a revenue generating engagement which also demonstrated the viability of their SaaS business model with monthly license fees per user.