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Amit Kulkarni


Secure Healing/Cognetyx


Founded in 2011 by IT security specialist and entrepreneur Amit Kulkarni, Houston-based startup Secure Healing Inc. provides hospitals and physician practices with in-premise or cloud-based automated privacy monitoring and detection system to help protect patient information.

Without the proper security measures, patient files and data can become vulnerable to internal and external privacy and security breaches, but Kulkarni and his 9-person team developed a learning algorithm to detect rogue users, report breaches and alert authorities in real-time, while ensuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

“Data breaches not only cause federal fines, lawsuits, but also cause tremendous internal process disruptions and resource wastage for a healthcare system. Having seen numerous privacy breaches very closely, I searched the market for an intelligent system and failed. This motivated me to venture into the entrepreneurial world [to] create this company,” Kulkarni said.

Secure Healing’s artificial intelligence powers the automated detection system that safeguards medical information and monitors suspicious activity in a simple, centralized location. Although the company’s advanced engineering and technology has earned awards from various organizations and competitions — including the University of Michigan’s Center for Entrepreneurship, Startup Weekend and Healthbox — it still had to overcome the challenges of being a relatively unknown brand name in the health IT market.

“It specifically matters as we go head-on with an old archaic technology developed in 2006 and is still in place at many places,” Kulkarni said.“We are sure that it is only a matter of time when our company and machine intelligence-based products will be popular across the marketplace.”

Kulkarni and his team’s optimism is backed by their commitment and dedication to developing a high quality product to keep patient information safe, but their participation in the Texas Medical Center’s TMCx Innovation Program will give them the platform to grow their company and expand their network in their hometown through new collaboration and learning opportunities.

“We have been extremely excited with TMCx program. What better way to participate and be part of the local health IT ecosystem than to be part of the organization leading it?” Kulkarni said.“Additionally, we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn from the leading organizations in the world’s largest medical center, as well as share and collaborate with other technology companies.”

With the mentorship of experienced TMC advisors, experts and strategists, Kulkarni said he sees many more opportunities to thrive in the future. He and his team have been able to verify key findings around its customer base and improve its value proposition to better address the pain points that prevent operational efficiency in various hospitals and clinical organizations, but he also hopes to add more health IT talent to his team, and support Houston’s economy.

“By bringing a slew of new cutting edge technologies, we expect to help increase the efficiency of breach detections, thus reducing loss of finances to the hospitals,” Kulkarni said. “We expect to disrupt the way privacy and security technologies are implemented, and used in healthcare.”