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Catherine Liao




San Francisco-based Blumio is looking for a better approach to monitor a person’s vitals, starting with blood pressure. Blumio has developed a sensor that can measures blood pressure continuously, without requiring an inflatable cuff. It enables users a convenient way to measure and track blood pressure as they go about their daily activities – opening a new window into monitoring one’s cardiovascular health.

Blumio is targeting people who are hypertensive or who are at risk of developing hypertension. Benefits abound when continuous blood pressure monitoring is employed in the management of hypertension, as it gives insights into how blood pressure is responding to medication, exercise, and diet. Blumio will empower patients with the feedback they need to understand what works for them as an individual and implement change.
“We’re excited and humbled to have the opportunity to be part of TMCx. Being accepted into the program is a validation that what we’re building will have meaningful impact on the future of medicine. The network it provides will enable us to get our technology into the hands of doctors and patients, giving us the real world feedback to build the solution people will want to use.”