Supporting Innovatice Sparkles

TMC alpha provides a pathway for any innovator affiliated with a TMC member institution to find support for the development and commercialization of their idea or product.

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From Problem to Product in One Year

TMC Biodesign is a one-year innovation fellowship program that unites the talents of innovators with diverse backgrounds to quickly bring breakthrough products to market.



Join our community of students from across the country interested in health care and entrepreneurship. Undergraduate and graduate students will have an opportunity to work with medical device and digital health start-up companies for a 3- to 4-month period. Each internship is unique, providing the students exposure to differing company stages, technologies and business strategies.


Accelerating Technology Development

The TMCx accelerator advances the development of health and medical technology companies by connecting visionary entrepreneurs to the abundant resources of the Texas Medical Center.

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Offering Shared Corporate Environment

TMCxi is an anchor for strategic industry workspace to support and accelerate life science innovation. These dedicated offices provide a shared corporate environment for global life science companies such as venture capital, healthcare technology, life science law firms, financial services and healthcare consultants to partner with companies directly housed in TMC Innovation.


Providing Early-Stage Companies Space to Grow

Promising early-stage companies and entrepreneurs are eligible to apply for a lease in TMCx+, where they will be immersed in an environment and culture that fosters long-term success.