To develop the most effective policy solutions to improve the health of diverse populations in Houston and Texas that will serve as models for the world

Informing, Innovating and Improving Policy. Together.

Good health policy removes barriers. Bad health policy creates them.

The TMC Health Policy Institute helps ensure the former and prevent the latter. How? By driving innovative, evidence-based health policy initiatives across the Texas Medical Center’s 59 member institutions. With an emphasis on objectivity and collaboration, the institute unites resources in pursuit of three fundamental goals:

  • Serve as a health policy information resource – by rapidly providing Texas legislators, Houston officials and TMC member institutions with online answers to policy questions and by hosting a wide range of policy-related public seminars.
  • Increase access to care through innovative initiatives – by using an evidence-based approach and facilitating collaboration among some of the brightest minds in life sciences to develop policy that will improve the health of humanity.
  • Improve future health policies – through programs such as an initiative across the entire TMC campus introducing new ways to reduce obesity and funding a collaborative grant program that fosters groundbreaking new policies.

For more information, contact garson@tmc.edu.