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Whether you need access to multiple facilities, a particular garage or a surface lot, our monthly parking contracts ensure fast, worry-free parking. For rates, parking locations, traffic rules and other contract parking information, download our Contract Parking Guide.

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Motorcycle Parking

Ample motorcycle parking is available in most Texas Medical Center parking facilities. Specially designated areas are assigned for parking motorcycles, and motorcycles must park in these designated areas only. As is the policy for all motor vehicles parking in a TMC facility, a fee for parking is required. The visitor rate for motorcycle parking is the same as the rate for parking a car.

A permit is required to park in the designated motorcycle parking areas. To obtain a permit decal, visit the Direct Contract Parking application, if you do not already have a contract. If you have a contract but did not request a motorcycle permit at the time of purchase, please contact TMC’s Parking Help Line at 713-791-6161; option #2, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. With a valid decal, the motorcycle parker will be permitted to park in the designated TMC garages and surface lots located around the campus. Please see enclosed map for locations.

The permit decals must be affixed to the windshield, top of the headlight or front fork of the motorcycle and be visible at all times.

Parking cards are provided to parking contract holders. If the parking card does not allow access to the designated facility where motorcycle parking is available or if your motorcycle does not trigger the gate arms with a valid parking card, then press the intercom at the entrance and exit device for assistance in and out of the parking facility.

The permit is no longer valid once the parking contract is terminated.

TMC Security Services may issue citations to motorcycles parked without a valid permit or illegally parked motorcycles. Texas Medical Center reserves the right to remove motorcycles parked in non-designated areas and motorcycles without a valid permit.

If you have any questions regarding the Motorcycle Parking Program, please contact our TMC Parking Helpline at 713-791-6161.