Data Platform

TMC CRI is partnering with Deep 6 AI to provide the campus with a unique tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to find more, better-matching patients for clinical trials in minutes, not months. Most information available to identify patients for trials is captured in clinical notes and unstructured data. This technology has the unique ability to search the unstructured data using natural language processing and artificial intelligence to match patients and trials by clinical concepts.

The Deep 6 AI platform is a key element of the TMC CRI. The TMC CRI aims to be the world’s leader in transformational clinical research to benefit human health.

who benefits from deep 6 ai

RESEARCHERS can identify more, better qualified patients for trials much faster, accelerating research

PATIENTS can gain access to advanced treatments

PHYSICIANS can find cutting edge treatments for patients

HOSPITALS can take on the right trials, boost patient outcomes and satisfaction, and generate more revenue