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TMCx Fall 2020 Bootcamp Companies

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In collaboration with our advisors, mentors, members, and partners, TMC Innovation has selected 21 companies to join us for a 6 week virtual diligence bootcamp. The final TMCx Fall 2020 cohort will be announced in late 2020.

Aifred Health // Montreal, Canada // Clinical decision support that helps physicians make better treatment decisions in mental healthcare, driving efficiency and cost reduction in provision of care while significantly improving patient outcomes

Alertive Healthcare // Seattle, WA // Automating remote monitoring to make healthcare within reach

BfB Labs // London, United Kingdom // Empowering young people to self-manage their mental health using immersive digital therapeutics that reduce the burden on healthcare providers

Cardiosense // Chicago, IL // Leveraging wearable technology and predictive analytics to noninvasively monitor and manage heart disease

CareSignal // St. Louis, MO // Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring to deliver clinical and financial returns for risk-bearing providers and payers by engaging and monitoring rising-risk populations with chronic conditions

Cognetivity Neurosciences // Cambridge, United Kingdom // Digital health platform that uses the latest neuroscience and artificial intelligence to deliver a sensitive and highly scalable solution that accurately measures cognitive performance so allowing effective early detection and management of neurodegenerative disorders

Eleos Health // Cambridge, MA // Empowering behavioral health clinicians to be more efficient and effective through the first and only all-in-one behavioral health empowerment platform bringing together telehealth, measurement-based, and evidence-based care in one holistic solution, powered by therapy-specific voice analysis and natural language processing

Focused Cryo // Atlanta, GA // Enabling Interventional Radiologists to treat pain and metabolic disorders through targeted nerve cryoablation

Green Light VitalSign6 // Dallas, TX //  Providing secure measurement based mental health care and clinical decision support tools to increase remission rates for depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses treated in primary care settings

Harmonic Bionics // Austin, TX // Optimizing upper extremity rehabilitation through robotics by enabling precise assessment, increasing functional repetition, and advancing intent-based therapy

Limbic // London, United Kingdom // Enabling the best psychological therapy through a mobile A.I. assistant for both patients and clinicians

Native Cardio // Naples, FL // At the heart of healthcare, improving outcomes in postoperative atrial fibrillation by reducing costs, increasing accessibility, and improving quality of care

Oracle Health // Tampa, FL // Developing an insertable cardiac monitor for heart failure, using remote monitoring technology and machine learning

Progenerative Medical // San Antonio, TX // Bringing clinically-proven reduced pressure therapy to spinal and orthopedic indications to significantly improve clinical outcomes

PTR Robots // Copenhagen, Denmark // Providing a more safe and flexible as well as less resource demanding solution for your patient transfers and rehabilitation procedures

RCE Technologies // Atlanta, GA // AI med tech that detects heart attacks early using non-invasive wearables, thus improving point of care risk stratification and cardiac patient workflows

Sentio Solutions // San Francisco, CA // Eliminating the suffering from mental health by using digital therapeutics and biomarkers to improve clinical outcomes through personalized online mental health solutions

VasoGnosis // Milwaukee, WI // AI-powered software helping neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons with faster and more accurate detection, management, and surgical planning of cerebrovascular diseases

Videra Health // Orem, UT // Scaling clinical touchpoints in an overwhelmed mental and behavioral healthcare industry through remote, asynchronous, video-based, and AI-powered monitoring and evaluation

VirtuLeap // Lisbon, Portugal // Unlocks neuroscience and virtual reality to help increase attention levels, and address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning challenges

Xpan // Toronto, Canada // Maximizing the safety & efficiency of minimally invasive surgery through a less invasive yet expandable universal trocar

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