Tips for Founders Applying to TMCx

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Our TMC Innovation team enjoys meeting startup company leaders who are seeking to impact health and healthcare. We want to help you have the best chance to showcase your company in your TMCx application. Here are a few key areas we consider when evaluating applications:

Clinical Need

  • What is the clinical need being addressed by the company’s solution?
  • Is it a need-to-have or a nice-to-have?
  • What outcomes, cost, or quality metrics are impacted by the solution?

Traction and Customer Deployments

  • For digital health companies, has this solution already beed deployed with a customer, hospital, or health system?
  • Has the technology been validated through clinical research?
  • What metrics were evaluated in pilots?
  • What value did the technology bring to health systems in pilot studies or existing agreements?
  • Who within a health system do you engage with to begin a study, pilot, or other customer engagement?

Market and Go To Market Strategy

  • Is the market size attractive to investors and potential acquirers?
  • Who are the initial users and what is the go-to-market strategy?
  • For international companies, who do you think your first customers will be? How does US market entry fit with your overall company strategy?

Business Model and Funding

  • What is the unique value proposition?
  • What competitive advantages exist over existing or emerging technologies?
  • What is the revenue model?
  • Does the company have sufficient funds to sustain the business beyond the duration of the program?


  • What expertise do the founders/leaders bring to the company?
  • How do advisors complement the team?
  • Does the team have the personnel and experience to manage projected growth with TMC parters?

Apply by July 26th.

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