The Roots of Helix Park

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Helix Park is located within the world’s largest medical campus, centrally rooted in Houston, alongside healthcare’s most prominent leaders in research and patient care. TMC Helix Park includes 37 acres of first-of-its-kind green space that weaves through the heart of the Helix Park campus and provides TMC and Houston with an iconic public park. Its gardens offer five public parks, each approximately the size of a football field of 55,000 SF, linked in a unique double helix configuration.

With lush lawns and grassy knolls, come our beautifully rooted custom-grown trees, 1,700 to be exact. These new trees represent over 20 different unique and local species that range from 3” caliper size to 12.” The parks are comprised of various types of trees like Willow Oak, Mav. Honey Mesquite, Texas Redbud, Chinese Fringe Tree, and Chinese Pistache, to name a few. All the trees were sourced from Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia, but were custom-grown in Tomball, TX, by Environmental Design, Inc. before being planted in Helix Park. 

EDI’s procurement and growing operation has a three-step process. First, the trees are planted in the ground, where they will remain until the appropriate size is achieved. Then, EDI will maintain the tree farm in facets. Using the best IPM, pruning, water treatment, and fertility techniques will facilitate the growth of tree specimens. The transportation process is tedious and time-consuming since the size of the root ball is crucial to its success. Once the root ball is exposed, it’s carefully wrapped in burlap to protect the roots from damage and loss of soil. The trees’ height and weight are critical factors in relocating to ensure smooth and stable transportation, but once the tree is securely positioned, the soil is compacted to reduce air pockets and administer support.

Freshly rooted in the ground, the trees line the campus, provide protected shade when walking, and reduce the heat island effect by absorbing heat from the sun. Research has proven that trees and nature experiences foster kindness toward others and improve our mental well-being by releasing stress and anxiety. They also act as natural sponges as they collect and filter rainwater and then slowly release it into streams and rivers. The trees prevent soil from eroding into our waterways, but that’s not all the unique concepts our trees offer. 

Trees are the longest-living organisms on Earth, but our custom-grown trees, in particular, have several benefits for nature, wildlife and the community. They ensure supply and quality, save money, and regulate growth rates. Regardless of the season, custom-grown trees are always ready to plant. 

Trees are intricate parts of our parks that resemble glorious pieces of art with their unique and astonishing elements that elevate an array of spaces. Best of all, trees offer welcoming and warm spaces and provide shade at Helix Park, where great minds can informally collaborate, and new ideas can grow naturally.  

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