Robotics | TMCx 2020 Focus Area

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Hospitals and medical facilities everywhere continue to seek creative solutions that can improve the efficiency and quality of their operations while simultaneously reducing costs. One company that is uniquely positioned to address these demands on an international scale is ABB.  In October 2019 the Swiss-headquartered Fortune 500 company opened a global healthcare research hub on the Texas Medical Center campus to develop new applications designed to assist medical staff with laboratory and logistical tasks in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Since the healthcare research hub opened in Houston, ABB has collaborated with the TMC community to work alongside the best minds in academia, science and medicine supporting the development of new cutting-edge robotics solutions. These solutions reduce the number of tedious manual procedures that need to be performed by people and improve the cost and accuracy of laboratory work.  ABB’s analysis shows that repetitive tasks could be completed up to 50 percent faster with automation, compared to current manual processes, with the added benefit that robots can work 24 hours a day. The time savings provided by robotic solutions allow skilled workers to focus on more important responsibilities like caring for patients.

This fall, TMC Innovation and ABB are collaborating on a call for technologies in robotics for the TMCx accelerator program. Companies selected for the program will have unparalleled access to experts, advisors, and clinicians to support their strategic development. To implement robotics into clinical workflow, we are scouring the globe in search of the most innovative companies that share in the two entities’ joint excitement and want to be on the frontier of the next era of robotics in healthcare.

The primary areas of focus are

  • Home Care
  • Mobile Robotics
  • AI Communication & Logistics

ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation is a pioneer in robotics, machine automation and digital services, providing innovative solutions for a diverse range of industries, from automotive to electronics to logistics.

Apply to TMCx by July 26th.

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