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Oncology | TMCx 2021 Focus Area

Texas Medical Center is home to world-renowned oncologists and cancer researchers. Every year, thousands of patients choose our institutions to aid in their fight against this disease. By the year 2040, the global incidence of cancer is conservatively expected to grow to 27 million cases. Advances in detection from emerging companies such as Artidis, NovaScan, Iterative Scopes, and Optellum are making it easier to identify cancer or pre-cancer early and with high accuracy. Other solutions like Atlas are helping health systems leverage philanthropic funding to fill gaps in coverage. We are eager to work with companies that are innovating in this clinical area spanning patient engagement, diagnostic, therapeutic devices, and support for oncology patients.

Texas Medical Center Innovation has opened applications for TMCx, a medical device, and digital health accelerator focused on building clinical partnerships. Through TMCx, companies access clinical champions and stakeholders across the TMC campus. Participating companies develop relationships with health systems toward the development of a pilot, clinical study, or joint development agreement. Discover more and apply here.

Texas-based cancer therapeutics investigators and companies are invited to explore our TMC ACT program.

Written in collaboration with Anna Vu.

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