Mental Health | TMCx 2020 Focus Area

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One in five Americans will experience a diagnosable mental illness in their lifetime. Despite being more prevalent than heart and lung disease, many patients cannot or will not access treatment due to lack of insurance or the heightened stigma around mental health disorders. The burden of mental health disorders has increased among the pediatric and young adult (under-30 population) and more individuals may be experiencing undiagnosed illnesses due to the ongoing pandemic. Mental illnesses come in many different forms with a variety of symptoms, from anxiety disorders to schizophrenia to eating disorders to substance abuse. The Texas Medical Center serves a large urban and suburban population spread across nine counties with a high prevalence of mental illness due to underinsurance and low socioeconomic status. With this in mind, TMC Innovation is placing a call for start-up companies working in the mental health space, either generally or with specific condition focus. Join us in bringing enabling technologies to the patients that need it most.

Apply by July 26th.

TMCx Companies in Mental Health

Used by Patients

Elly Health – audio companion with personalized daily summaries for patients

Ria Health – evidence-based alcohol dependence treatment

Meru Health – digital clinic for mental health

For Clinicians

Marigold Health – chat peer support to scale behavioral health care teams

Trayt – data dashboards for behavioral health clinicians

DOT – measure brainwaves to personalize mental health therapy

OnComfort – digital sedation to reduce stress prior to medical intervention

Lantern – mental health education

For Kids

Manatee – bringing kids and their families together for behavioral health care

Softcare Studios – reduce stress for kids undergoing procedures

GiantLeap – ADHD assessment and treatment with games

For the Community

Cloud 9 – coordinating mental health care across the community

Therapeutic Devices

Sana – mask to reduce pain and support sleep

Psious – virtual reality for mental health

Innosphere – ADHD treatment with brain stimulation

Neuroqore  – magnetic stimulation for treatment in imminent suicidality

Nurochek – fast, portable assessment of brain function

Axem Neurotechnology – brain sensing headset for neurorehabilitation

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