The Texas Medical Center Continues to Drive Life Science Developments in Houston and Beyond

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To be a part of the Texas Medical Center means to be integrated into a life science platform founded on multi-institutional and functional connectivity.

The journey to becoming the highest-density medical center district in the world is fueled by our dedication to life science innovation and providing a collaborative community for our stakeholders. This continues to be the case as we move into a future based on 75 years of advancing health and fostering a growing life science community.

TMC has a long history of driving collaboration by connecting academics, hospitals, industry leaders, venture capitalists, and life science entrepreneurs.

As the densest life science cluster in the world, Texas Medical Center’s 60+ member intuitions, like the MD Anderson Cancer Center and Rice University, facilitate powerful local and global initiatives. We are a community that thrives on collaborations like the unified COVID response featuring CEOs from the 10 largest member institutions, our BioBridges, Clinical Research Monthly Education and Training Series, and TMC Innovation.

TMC Innovation supports health systems and bettering the patient experience by forming, fostering, recruiting, and funding entrepreneurs and life science companies from around the world that are shaping the future of healthcare.

Our mission is to increase the quality and quantity of healthcare startup density in Houston through collaboration with key stakeholders from TMC member institutions, as well as our global network of advisors and embedded corporate partners.




Texas Medical Center Innovation Accelerators for Health Tech and Cancer Therapeutics, along with the BioDesign program give access to life science executives to strategic avenues and developmental steps into joining the world’s largest healthcare marketplace. Our globally recognized programs, co-working space, and corporate partners position us to be an ideal community for commercialization-focused medical device, digital health, and cancer therapeutics companies.

Life science entrepreneurs accepted into our program benefit from the network of venture funds that invest in TMCi’s portfolio of companies.  Led by TMC Venture Fund, this network plays an instrumental role in ensuring that emerging life science companies have access to capital.  Currently, the TMC Venture Fund has 16 total portfolio companies with $9.21 million invested into them by Texas Medical Center and $856M funding overall. Additionally, the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) helps elevate cancer drug development through its support of Accelerator for Cancer Therapeutics, as well as direct translational grants to biotech companies focused on cancer drug development.

Before there is profit, there is a prototype. TMCi’s corporate partners, the Johnson & Johnson Center for Device Innovation (CDI), JLABS, and ABB Robotics contribute to our community by providing advanced frameworks and engagement start-ups.  CDI impacts healthcare by accelerating the development of breakthrough medical technologies, and JLABS provides a global network of open innovation ecosystems designed to empower innovators across the healthcare spectrum. ABB Robotics develops process automation robotics for applications like logistics and next-generation automated laboratory technologies.

As we start off 2022, we are already looking into the future with major developments at our bioresearch campus.

When the Texas Medical Center was first chartered in the 40s it was the only deed-restricted land in Houston and was limited to non-profit entities focused on health, education, and research. TMC has benefited from that today, as these restrictions allowed the creation of multiple like-minded healthcare and education institutions to migrate into one area and create an incredibly dense life science campus.

Recently, a pivotal change was made that allowed for 2 pieces of land to be purposed for for-profit activity, which includes TMC Innovation. This availability is now expanding with the advent of the TMC3 Bioresearch Campus. Scheduled to open in the fall of 2023, this world-class research campus will cover 37 acres and include translational research and labs, hotels and conference center, public retail, and restaurant, with state-of-the-art collaborative digital platforms.

TMC3 presents unprecedented opportunities moving into the future as for-profit companies will be able to operate side-by-side with the academic and research centers to create a seamless collaboration for life science innovation.

Clinicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs will benefit from a resource-rich location accelerating new therapies, medicines, discoveries, and technologies to market and ultimately directly to the patients who most need them.

The ability to forge the future of healthcare at TMC stands on the foundations laid by Texas Medical Center’s decades of dedication to quality healthcare. We are proud to continue that legacy as the heart of the life science platform and thankful to be a part of TMC’s long-rooted history and belief in healthcare innovation.

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