Introducing the TMCx Spring 2020 Cohort

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Innovation is crucial to healthcare in times of crisis and in more normal times. The innovation that was brought into hospitals prior to COVID-19 is now being expanded to more use cases to serve patients and protect our clinicians. TMCx alumni are doing incredible work in partnership with hospitals around the world.

We changed the model of our accelerator to be more effective partners with our TMC Member Institutions. We worked with innovation teams in these hospitals from needs assessment through company evaluation and feedback for our final decisions. Starting with over 200 applicants, we narrowed to 50 interviews, and 19 companies were invited to Houston for in-person diligence bootcamp. We worked with clinical innovation partners, key advisors, end users, and clinical champions at several TMC member institutions to determine which of these companies had a strong team and a solution that aligned strongly with one of our clinical partners.

TMC Innovation is excited to welcome the following companies into the TMCx Spring 2020 Cohort:

Atlas Health — connecting patients with payment resources // San Francisco, CA

DeepScribe — autonomous medical scribe // San Francisco, CA

Elly Health — live healthier through positivity // Los Angeles, CA

Ferrum Health — reduce preventable medical errors // San Francisco, CA

HelpWear — clinical grade wearable heart monitor // Toronto, Canada

Lantum — total workforce solution for healthcare // London, UK

Manatee — connected, everyday therapy for kids // Denver, CO

Radiobotics — automate analysis of routine medical X-rays // Copenhagen, DK

Rhaeos — wearable shunt monitor // Evanston, IL

These companies will work with our teams and clinical partners over the next 6–12 months to strengthen the relationships they have begun to form with our member institutions. We are looking forward to working with them as they build partnerships in the world’s largest medical center and beyond.

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