Early Stage to the Cure: Emerging Biotech Leaders Accelerate Their Way to New Cancer Solutions

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At Texas Medical Center Innovation (TMCi) we are consistently inspired by the dedication shown to elevating cancer patient care by our hospital partners.

Our Accelerator for cancer therapeutics is designed to match this dedication, as we provide a community for investigators and early-stage biotechnology company executives to develop innovative therapies and technologies.

Since 2007 Texans have supported advancing cancer research through the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CRPIT).  Now, researchers and early-stage entrepreneurs can explore, plan, and launch new companies based on their research through the TMCi Accelerator for cancer therapeutics, funded by CPRIT and launched in collaboration with the Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC) and the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).

Company founders and researchers lay the groundwork by discovering new cancer therapies.

The TMCi Accelerator for cancer therapeutics and CPRIT support their hard work by providing an environment where founders can be free to develop their research into clinical products benefitting patients.  While CPRIT provides the investment that allows participants to come through our accelerator at no cost to them, Texas Medical Center Innovation helps them understand fundamental life science industry aspects like due diligence, funding, and clinical strategies.

We understand the needs of emerging life science companies, and we embolden them by connecting them with biotech executives, key opinion leaders, and expert consultants as a means to create a tailored pathway to reach their goals.

The result is that investigators and early-stage companies, and eventually cancer patients, reap the benefits of accelerated cancer therapeutics solutions such as those in cancer pain management, immunotherapies, cell therapies, and novel targeted therapies.

By the year 2030, there will be 21 million cancer survivors in the U.S.A., of which 60% will be affected by debilitating chronic pain induced by chemotherapy agents (HHS publication). Chronic pain is a Global unmet medical need valued at $59 B. There is still much innovation ahead in chronic pain management therapeutics, by translating novel therapeutics from research to the clinic, enabling cancer survivors live their best life.”

– Enrique Gomez, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, TMC Innovation


CPRIT and TMCi’s Accelerator for cancer therpeutics provide functional resources, essentially creating a launch kit for early-stage commercialization, so founders and researchers can focus on developing their innovations.

We customize support across various developmental stages to ensure that innovators have access to resources that adequately match the state of their business or research. Our curated mentor network and dedicated entrepreneurs in-residence help enhance participants’ commercial strategy through developing a comprehensive product and business roadmap. Some founders may have a need to take advantage of our expert consultants to craft strategies that address critical development gaps, while others may need to further develop their teams through the TMC network or via collaboration with TMC’s world-class researchers and experts.

No matter the need, the Accelerator for cancer therapeutics will fill in the gaps facing participants and position them to impact cancer care with novel therapies. In a situation where we meet a founder or investigators whose research or innovations are not developed enough to take full advantage of the program, we still provide an avenue to support pre-launch development like molecule design through computational chemistry application support or feedback from office hours with the entrepreneurs-in-residence.


“One of the most powerful lessons I learned when I was working on my startup was that a conversation with the right person can absolutely transform your potential. Each day, we work on behalf of our founders to find and connect them with partners who can help them navigate their own paths forward.” 

– Sarah Hein, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, TMC Innovation

The most important goal and driving force behind the Texas Medical Center Innovation Accelerator for cancer therapeutics are to see innovative cancer research and technology become cures that better patient lives. If you’re a life science innovator who wants to alleviate the suffering caused by cancer with your work, we want to meet you. Contact us today at to learn more.

The TMCi Accelerator for cancer therapeutics is funded by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and launched in collaboration with the Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC) and the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) to support Texas-based biotech entrepreneurs and researchers contemplating translations alongside institutional technology transfer teams. Learn more here.

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