TMC Innovation Community Tools for Managing COVID-19

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Luminare — QuickScreen deployed to help Harris County and Houston Health Department screen for COVID-19 and direct to testing sites // used in dozens of counties // demo // company origin: a sepsis management solution for critical care // TMCx alumni, TMCx+ tenant
BetterConsult — screen patients prior to their consultations // story // company origin: pre-consultation tool // TMCx alumni, Houston office
ParticleHealth — screen for existing patients that are high risk // company origin: medical data interoperability // TMCx alumni


Luma Health — Patient communication; tele-visits // blog // 5 steps to reopen //  TMCx alumni, TMC Venture Funded
WELL Health — Patient messaging, now offers a COVID-19 Rapid Response Program // Revenue Recovery Playbook //  TMCx alumni

Hospital Efficiency/Management

Redox — working with established, in market vendors to on a rapid deployment (<2 weeks) integration plan + no licensing fees through July // company origin: integration exchange // TMCx alumni
Trusted Health — have hundreds of nurses credentialed and ready to deploy // company origin: a float nursing platform // TMCx alumni, TMC Venture Funded
b.well — virtual care (screening and triage), caregiver family support, and timely information for patients // company origin: interoperability and insightful analytics // TMCx alumni
Lantum — managing clinical staffing capacity in the UK // company origin: staffing solutions to replace legacy systems // TMCx Spring 2020 Bootcamp
Virti — virtual training/retraining for clinicians // news // company origin: simulation training on a phone or VR headset for clinical or corporate clients // TMCx alumni, TMCx+ tenant
Medical Informatics — a virtual ICU platform that helps clinicians remotely see vitals and alarms for COVID patients // news // company origin: integrate many inputs into a single platform with FDA cleared clinical decision support // TMCx+ tenant alumni, TMC Venture Funded
Gauss — contactless triage for patients driving to emergency department // Apollo is a free, Apple-approved mobile app to help safely and efficiently reduce the spread of COVID-19 // company origin: AI for surgical safety // TMCx alumni
DosentRx — prescription management to reduce need to come into hospital to refill prescriptions; app monitors medication adherence, vitals, etc // company origin: medical adherence for complex patients and clinical trials // TMCx alumni, current tenant
Babyscripts — virtual care for pregnant mothers // news // company origin: virtual maternity care // TMCx alumni
Evidence Care — delivers instantly accessible evidence-based clinical knowledge at the point of care // COVID19 Resource Center //company origin: clinical pathway access at POC // TMCx alumni
DeepScribe — DeepScribe is giving free medical scribe services to clinicians for one month. They also launched a telemedicine solution that integrates with DeepScribe. // TMCx Spring 2020 Bootcamp


Aidar Health  small device measures fever, cough, shortness of breath, respiration, heart rate variability, ECG, and more with MouthLab; expect FDA clearance summer 2020 // TMCx alumni
Raiing — FDA cleared iThermometer, a wearable thermometer; the team opened SDK to integrate with clinics and mobile applications in response to COVID-19. // TMCx alumni
Strados — monitors lung sounds, pre FDA-clearance // TMCx alumni
Vitls — remote vitals monitoring, including clinical data with children; pre-FDA clearance // TMCx alumni, TMCx+ tenant
Patch’d — wearables detect small temperature variations that predict patient deterioration at home or in the hospital; app can be deployed without hardware for patients to input own vitals and share with care teams //covidkit // TMCx alumni
Sensely — mobile monitoring of high-risk patients deployed with large partner // virtual nurse technology (including ask NHS app) // for consumers // TMCx alumni

Mental Health

Meru Health — digital clinic for mental health with 1 year outcomes data for anxiety and depression reduction // video // works with hospitals providing services to healthcare workouts for burnout, depression, anxiety // TMCx alumni
Manatee — digital mental therapy for kids and families; 3 months free during COVID-19 // TMCx Spring 2020 Bootcamp
Elly — Chronic care management and eduction for oncology and other patients // demo // TMCx Spring 2020 Bootcamp


Adroit Surgical — first pass intubation made simple with novel laryngoscope // Intubation Guidelines for COVID19 // TMCx alumni
Sani nudge — monitor hand hygiene compliance in wards or across care teams // TMCx alumni


Molecular Match — COVID-19 research portal with relevant clinical trials and publication // portal // TMCx+ tenant

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