Cardiovascular | TMCx 2020 Focus Area

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Despite significant progress in lowering mortality due to cardiovascular diseases, it still remains a leading cause of death in the United States. The progress made thus far is attributable to an emphasis on lifestyle changes and innovation in treatment and care delivery. The Texas Medical Center is home to global leaders in cardiovascular care with a history of firsts in this field. Our institutions are internationally recognized for their work and research in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. To our institutions, however, this work is never finished. To remain ahead of the curve, TMC Innovation is seeking early-stage companies at the forefront of the industry with cutting-edge technology to diagnose, monitor, and treat cardiovascular diseases and transform the way we deliver care in this space. Special consideration will be given to successfully de-risked companies that are working in cardiovascular surgery and cardiac electrophysiology spaces.

Apply by July 26th.

TMCx Companies in the Cardiovascular Space


Moving Analytics – supporting at-home cardiac rehab

Arterys – AI for medical imaging


Vios – FDA-cleared continuous vitals monitoring

HelpWear – wearable heart monitor

Vitls – FDA-cleared vitals monitoring


Firstkind – neuromuscular electrical stimulation to prevent edema

Venari Medical – less invasive treatment for chronic vein disease

Sonavex – ultrasound-based vascular monitoring

Angiolutions – mobile catheterization labs


Alleviant – device to relieve symptoms of heart failure

Polyvascular – polymeric transcatheter valves for children

Vena Medical – camera that can go inside veins and identify stroke

Aurigen Medical – cardiac implant to treat stroke and atrial fibrillation

Venostent – polymer vein-artery wrap to improve dialysis

Corinnova – cardiac assist device to treat heart failure

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