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Cardiovascular Health | TMCx 2021 Focus Area

Despite significant progress in lowering mortality due to cardiovascular diseases, these still remain a leading cause of death in the United States. The progress we’ve made is attributable to an emphasis on lifestyle changes and new treatment options. Emerging technologies are continuing to push this progress along, like Bivacor and Alleviant, both focused on heart failure. Other innovations in this space are utilizing remote patient monitoring with wearables, such as Cardiosense or Blumio. The Texas Medical Center member institutions are global leaders in cardiovascular care and are also recognized internationally for research in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. With a history of firsts in this field, we are looking for companies at the forefront of cutting-edge technology to diagnose, monitor, and treat cardiovascular diseases.


Texas Medical Center Innovation has opened applications for TMCx, a medical device, and digital health accelerator focused on building clinical partnerships. Through TMCx, companies access clinical champions and stakeholders across the TMC campus. Participating companies develop relationships with health systems toward the development of a pilot, clinical study, or joint development agreement. Discover more and apply here.


Written in collaboration with Anna Vu.

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