Taking Your Career in a New Direction: Is the Risk Worth the Reward?

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The advent of Covid-19 has profoundly impacted every industry across the world and has inspired established professionals to be more progressive when considering their life’s work. Higher resignation rates in the healthcare and tech industries are a clear sign that experienced specialists are ready to take their careers in new and bold directions – willing to innovate to achieve their goals.

Texas Medical Center Innovation (TMCi) Biodesign program is designed to unite multidisciplinary talent to create breakthrough healthcare technologies and applications. This program offers a unique opportunity to aspiring life science entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds including medicine, engineering, business, computer science, design, and research.


“I’ve been immersed in Houston’s life science commercialization ecosystem for years and have worked with academicians, clinicians, and biotech companies.  I am driven by mitigating the gaps that can develop between the research lab and the delivery of patient care. TMCi’s Biodesign program creates the pathway to really understand a need, and provides the resources to see your solution through to the end.”


Meagan Pitcher Ph.D., CLP, Biodesign Founder, TMC Innovation


There has never been a time more apt for professionals who want to make this change, as companies now look outside of the healthcare industry to find leaders and experts who can provide the right balance of experience and vision to their teams.

TMCi Biodesign is created with this in mind and is ideal for professionals across multiple sectors who all have one thing in common – an interest in becoming a  life science entrepreneur. These are individuals who when reflecting on their professions, want to make a meaningful pivot into healthcare and life science innovation so that their careers have a clear, strategic path to making an impact in the world.

A risk worth taking. We understand that maintaining a strong financial base is important for professionals who are already coming from established careers.

We value talented professionals, TMCi Biodesign allows you to make a life-changing pivot – while still getting paid. In addition to being able to explore your entrepreneurial interests, you will be a salaried employee at Texas Medical Center, primed with opportunities to participate in a healthcare market that is ready for innovation.

The merit of new and proven technologies, applications, and medical breakthroughs is at the forefront of our minds as value based care takes center stage. As a result of this, programs that focus on optimization of  patient outcomes and reduction of costs, like TMCi Biodesign, are on the frontline of the future of life science and need established professionals to effect change.


“I had the engineering and ER background, and I was getting this itch to do something more to create. In the ER, I was solving problems using what I already had, so I was never able to create something new, or at least improve on something we already had. TMCi Biodesign tied in my engineering experience, what I was learning about business and the medical aspect all in one.”  

Britt Cross, Physician, Biodesign Founder, TMC Innovation


When thinking about Biodesign, entrepreneurship is an inseparable factor.

Innovation in business and life sciences keeps the healthcare market in motion, and TMCi Biodesign is uniquely structured to support this vision. Qualified professionals and experienced life science entrepreneurs have the chance to harness the potentials of launching a business and forming a team in the world’s largest medical marketplace. By leveraging the experience of your team, the Texas Medical Center, and our program, you’ll have the opportunity to see your innovations impact the world.

“As the world’s largest medical city, The Texas Medical Center is where the action is happening. Being a repeat technical founder in the digital healthcare space, I know a thing or two about the innovation landscape in the healthcare industry: that if you want to build something big in healthcare, you probably want to be where the action is. I am drawn to the challenges in the healthcare industry and the opportunity to work with other talented innovators from diverse backgrounds to quickly bring breakthrough products to market. That’s why I ended up applying.”


Odero Otieno,  Biodesign Founder, TMC Innovation


Because of its comprehensive methodology, Biodesign represents the strategic, progressive, and impactful evolution of healthcare entrepreneurship and is the best option for creating need-based innovation. It effectively combines multidisciplinary teams to create innovative technologies and applications in a setting that promotes collaboration, which leads to solutions to real problems via effective business applications.


“The Biodesign process is breath of fresh air at approaching problems in the clinic and hospital because it strips away so much of the bias. It’s very hard to see problems when you’re focused on them and must use them daily. Having the ability to jump in and observe the clinical workflow, you can really see all the flaws. You really see things being done, and that new perspective helps you realize these are problems that people are experiencing. Biodesign really helps facilitate this in an organized and structured way.”


Omar Mohtar MD., Ph.D., Biodesign Founder, TMC Innovation

For aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to create solutions with need-based healthcare innovations, the risk is worth the reward. We want to answer your questions, email us at or learn how you can apply today.

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