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Behavioral Health | TMCx 2021 Focus Area

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One in five Americans will experience a diagnosable mental illness in their lifetime as a result of genetics, external environments, and/or behaviors. Despite being more prevalent than heart and lung disease, many patients cannot or will not access treatment due to lack of insurance or the heightened stigma around mental health disorders. The burden of mental health disorders has increased among the pediatric and young adult (under-30 population) and more individuals may be experiencing undiagnosed illnesses due to the ongoing pandemic. Mental illnesses come in many different forms with a variety of symptoms, from anxiety disorders to schizophrenia to eating disorders to substance abuse. Innovation in behavioral health can impact a wide range of populations and conditions. Some companies like Meru Health focus on expanding access to therapy services for those with depression, anxiety, and burnout. Others are focused on cognitive assessments including Braincheck and Cognetivity Neurosciences. Still others focus on supporting the operational efficiency and scale of mental health practices such as Eleos and Marigold.

The Texas Medical Center serves a large urban and suburban population spread across nine counties with a high prevalence of mental illness due to underinsurance and low socioeconomic status. With this in mind, TMC Innovation is calling for companies working in the behavioral health space – across any target condition or behavior – that are improving the health for communities.

Texas Medical Center Innovation has opened applications for TMCx, a medical device and digital health accelerator focused on building clinical partnerships. Through TMCx, companies access clinical champions and stakeholders across the TMC campus. Participating companies develop relationships with health systems toward development of a pilot, clinical study, or joint development agreement. Discover more and apply here.

Written in collaboration with Anna Vu.

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