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People with Disabilities
Parking Spaces and Display Cards
Each Texas Medical Center garage provides ample parking space for people with disabilities. For added convenience, these wide spaces are generally located near the garage elevators and are marked with the universal disability access symbol. There are also designated areas along some of the campus streets for patients and visitors whose car license plates have the disability symbol. Curb cuts which connect the sidewalks between the garages and the nearby buildings allow people with disabilities to get around the Texas Medical Center with relative ease.

A service of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, METROLift offers curb-to-curb transportation for mentally or physically disabled persons.

Red Cross Transportation Services
The Red Cross provides free transportation to the Texas Medical Center hospitals for individuals who do not qualify for other programs, but trips must be arranged by the hospital's social worker several days in advance.

Houston Center for Independent Living
The Houston Center for Independent Living is an agency that provides a full range of services for individuals with disabilities. The Center, which is largely staffed by individuals with disabilities, works to help its clients gain independence and take more control over their lives. The agency provides information and referral services and conducts peer counseling, peer-assistance and support groups, independent living skills training, advocacy and community awareness.
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