TMC Innovation Session: VC Financing

Thursday, May 4, 2017 | 1 – 3 p.m. Add to Calendar

Panelists: Casey Cunningham, Chief Scientific Officer, Sante Ventures –

Blair Garrou, Managing Director, Mercury Fund –

Ray Choi, Partner, Head of Healthcare, The Valley Fund –

Topics for discussion:

• How to meet investors, pitch them, and what it really takes to get them to write you a check

• What should an initial pitch deck look like?

• The best and worst things an entrepreneur can do to get an investor’s attention during a pitch

• What is the expected timeline for a company exit?

• What milestones need to be achieved before exit?

• How much funding should a company estimate needing to achieve the exit milestones?

• Understand typical funding models and trends in funding terms.

• What are fair terms and marketing terms?

• What are terms should founders care about?


TMC Innovation Institute

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Arielle Carpenter