Pan-American EVTM, Endovascular Resuscitation & Trauma Management Forum

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Announcing Pan-American Endovascular Resuscitation and Trauma Management – PA-EVTM
In February of 2017 more than 350 medical professionals representing diverse disciplines in surgery, trauma, anesthesia, cardiology, obstetrics, radiology and emergency and critical care from around the world met in Ӧrebro Sweden at the inaugural Endovascular Hybrid Trauma & Bleeding Management (EVTM) symposium. The event was the first of its kind, bringing together an array of providers with experience in caring for severely injured, ill or bleeding patients. Through presentations, panel discussions and moderator-led debates, attendees advanced their understanding of the capacity for catheter-based, endovascular approaches and technologies (present and future) to improve the survival and recovery of these challenging patients.

The size, diversity and international composition of EVTM Ӧrebro, and the enthusiastic nature of the discussions surpassed the projections of the event organizers. EVTM tapped and coalesced an underappreciated momentum in the area of endovascular techniques for injury, hemorrhage control and critical care, an interest that’s relatively overlooked by other, more mainstream, professional organizations. Beyond its clinical, scientific and new technologies content, EVTM Ӧrebro made clear that interest in endovascular approaches to injury and critical care – compared to those applied to age-related conditions – is at the margins of many clinical disciplines, their professional organizations and their respective meetings and publications. EVTM exposed the challenge and provided a common, cross-disciplinary forum to redress it.

As an extension of the 2017 EVTM Symposium, a new Journal of Endovascular Resuscitation and Trauma Management (JEVTM) was commissioned as platform on which to continue the global discussion. The JEVTM aims to capture and maintain the cross-disciplinary momentum on display at the EVTM Ӧrebro and serve as an electronic and print forum by which to disseminate knowledge from clinical experiences as well as that stemming from structured research, development and innovation activities. Through publication of case reports and results from original research and by providing profiles on new technology and innovation concepts, as well as modern reviews and commentaries in this space, JEVTM will establish itself as a common conduit for this topic area, a conduit which courses through the established, but otherwise somewhat fixed, disciplines of trauma, surgery, cardiology, obstetrics, critical care, radiology, anesthesia and emergency medicine.

And now, in response to the continued world-wide interest in the topic area we announce the Pan American EVTM or PA-EVTM forum to be convened in Houston, Texas on February 8th and 9th, 2018. The aims of PA-EVTM are three-fold:

1. Provide a dynamic, interactive discussion and debate with leaders and interested professionals in this evolving field at a venue more accessible to those in North, Central and South America,

2. Serve as an abbreviated primer conference for EVTM-Ӧrebro to be held in June 2018 and

3. Provide a discussion and presentation venue for content to be considered by the new Journal of EVTM (JEVTM).

For more information and registration, visit: https://mkon.nu/pan_american_evtm


Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental

18700 John F Kennedy Blvd, Houston, TX 77032


Anna Zetterholm