Engineering Culture at NASA – Proactive Culture Strategies for Healthcare Leaders

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 | 11:00AM – 3:30PM Add to Calendar

Engineering Culture is a deep dive into the executive leadership skills that make NASA one of the most innovative and diverse cultures in the world.

NASA has consecutively ranked as one of the best workforce cultures in the US Federal Government and one of the most innovative places to work for almost a decade. In this interactive strategy session, you’ll hear from Jim Adams, former Deputy Chief Technology Director at NASA, as he shares the strategies he and other senior executives at NASA used to create one of the best workforce cultures in the world.

Top performing workforce cultures engage and retain top performing employees, resulting in better profits and customer outcomes. Great cultures don’t just happen, especially not in large organizations. Great culture must be engineered by the leaders in the organization to work proactively.

Jim will guide attendees through critical thinking exercises to identify:

* your culture leadership style
* underlying assumptions you have that drive your culture
* how to adapt your mindset to change your culture
* gaps in your culture strategy and tactics to quickly and effectively fill them from within your organization

You’ll learn how to stop reacting and start intentionally engineering a healthier workforce culture!

This intimate strategy session will be limited to 20 individuals, providing you with an exclusive, interactive opportunity to discuss culture leadership with Jim. A catered lunch and parking is provided with your ticket.

• Examine your organization’s culture goals and objectives
• Troubleshoot real problems facing your organization, and potential solutions
• Provide insight and inspiration to overcome obstacles personal leadership challenges
• Learn from Jim’s personal stories during his time as a Senior Executive at NASA
• Network with the top executives in the community

Tickets are $250 each. Group discounts are available by contacting us at events@doorspaceinc.com

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