Kimberly Corbitt



The pharmaceutical industry currently promotes its medicines to healthcare providers using door-to-door sales representatives this antiquated model is time-consuming, inefficient and undesired by many physicians. More than 50 percent of doctors refused to see sales representatives, leading to missed opportunities to receive valuable resources for patients and clinical practices.

But Santa Fe, New Mexico-based startup Xpress Connection seeks to eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of an in-person sales visit by providing a digital platform for presenting all relevant drug information for a variety of diseases in one simple, easy-to-use, and centralized location. “Xpress is a palatable and bias-free way for clinicians to choose what  resources they want, when and how they want them.” chief executive officer Kimberly Corbitt said.

Corbitt launched the company in 2012 based on her previous career as a pharmaceutical sales representative. After seven years working at a pharmaceutical company, it became clear to Corbitt that she and other sales representatives weren’t bringing enough value to clinicians and patients and subsequently left the field to pursue a career running her own company. Her experience, coupled with her entrepreneurial drive, inspired her to create a company designed to put physicians in charge of interactions within the pharmaceutical industry.

The Xpress platform allows clinicians to select the types of diseases they seek to treat and generates a comprehensive list of therapies and resources available for use. Xpress’ algorithm learns the clinicians’ behaviors and interests over time to customize the user experience and resources offered to them, as well as to help Xpress’ pharmaceutical partners better understand their customers and create resources more suited to them.

Since the company’s inception, Corbitt and her team have had to learn how to effectively navigate big pharmaceutical companies and large medical institutions, but Corbitt believes their participation in the Texas Medical Center’s TMCx Innovation Program will equip them with the connections and mentorship they need to establish themselves in Houston and beyond.

“TMCx gives us a platform to reach key decision makers at major institutions and initiate programs at the medical center,” Corbitt said. “By leveraging these relationships, Xpress will have an easier time compelling competing pharma companies to make their information and resources available on a common platform. This is exactly what healthcare providers want, and we want to give it to them.”

As Xpress continues to grow, Corbitt and her team leverage the feedback and resources available to them through TMCx to develop into a stronger organization. Their vision is to expand their reach in major medical hubs — including Houston, Boston and New Jersey — to become a key conduit between pharmaceutical companies and health care providers, ultimately ensuring a higher quality of care without increasing cost or risk.

“Xpress will restore integrity to the interactions between healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry,” Corbitt said. “As a nation we need them to interact in a way that furthers the health of us all.”